As a Hearing Aid User, What to Do If You Suspect Earwax Buildup

People who have compromised hearing are especially sensitive about their ears. They want to make sure that they treat them carefully so that they don't have any additional issues as time goes by. If you are someone who wears a hearing aid, you may be wondering whether you should be taking time each day to remove "excess" earwax. If somebody has told you that you should do this on a regular basis, don't listen to them. Read More 

When do You Need to See an Orthopaedic Surgeon for Back Pain?

With 9.2% of Australians suffering from lower back pain at some point in their lives, this is a common issue that doesn't always warrant seeing an orthopaedic surgeon. In many cases, you can resolve the problem in a community care setting or through self-help. However, there are some instances that indicate the need to see a specialist. Individuals of certain ages may need referral Those who are under the age of 20 or over the age of 50 and are experiencing back pain for the first time may need to see an orthopaedic surgeon. Read More 

Avoid These Mistakes When Taking Prescription Medication

If your doctor has prescribed any type of medication, you need to understand its possible side effects, as well as your exact dose. This is to ensure you know what to expect from the medication, and also know when to revisit the doctor in case of an adverse reaction or if you make a mistake when taking your medication. Note a few such mistakes that many people make when taking prescription medication so you can avoid these yourself, or know to give your doctor a call and ensure you're not putting your health in jeopardy: Read More 

Everything you Need to Know About Herpes

As one of the sexually transmitted infections that don't go away, herpes sometimes strikes fear in those who encounter it. If you suspect you have herpes, you're dating someone who does, or you simply want to know more about what it is, some basic facts will give you a grounding in the disease. What is herpes? The word 'herpes' refers to two types of virus: herpes simplex one and herpes simplex two. Read More 

Post-Brace Care: How to Persuade Your Child to Wear Retainers

While braces may have fixed your child's teeth and left them looking perfect, your cosmetic dentistry work is not over once braces are removed. Your orthodontist will have given your child a set of retainers to wear after bracing. If your child has been given removable retainers, you may have a battle on your hands to get your kid to wear them. What's the best way to win this war? Read More