Health Tips After Menopause

After you've been through the menopause, your body makes less oestrogen than before. Because of your lowered oestrogen and progesterone levels, you're at a higher risk for certain conditions. If you want to maximise your health after the menopause, try following these women's health care tips: Try Pelvic Floor Exercises  Following the menopause, many women experience a weaker urethra and a weaker pelvic floor. As a result, conditions such as urinary incontinence worsen. Read More 

Physiotherapy for Senior Adults

Older people often have mobility problems due to ageing and long-term illnesses such as arthritis, COPD and Parkinson's disease. Physiotherapy can help them improve their mobility and muscle strength. The excerpt below discusses the various considerations that you should make when planning physiotherapy for senior citizens.  Management plan The main aim of the management plan is to educate the patient about the benefits of the intervention and to prepare him or her for the physio exercises. Read More 

2 common treatment options offered to those who have kidney cancer

There are several different kidney cancer treatment options that a person might be offered if they are diagnosed with this disease. Here is some more information about two of the most common procedures used to treat this type of cancer. 1. A partial or radical nephrectomy Kidney cancer causes tumours to grow on a person's kidneys. These tumours will often continue to grow in size until the malignant cells from which they are made inflict severe damage on the kidneys and then metastasise to other organs and tissues. Read More 

A Guide on Ultrasound

Ultrasound, also known as sonography, is a medical procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to capture images inside the human body. Medical professionals use ultrasound to check the condition of internal body organs and blood vessels. Below is a short excerpt on ultrasound.  Benefits of ultrasound.  There are various other diagnostic checks that a doctor can use to view internal organs. However, ultrasound is preferred because it is painless. The patient does not require injections or incisions to have an ultrasound. Read More 

Bulk Billing: An Integral Part of the Australian Health System

Doctors and medical professionals are a key part of one's life. Whether you are in complete health or have some kind of health issue, you will most likely visit a doctor regularly to get your health checked. It can be quite expensive visiting a doctor, especially  when you are seeing a specialist where a single consultation fee can be lengthy. In Australia, the bulk billing system helps to offset these costs and allow you to get treated without emptying your pockets. Read More