Ways Your Chiropractor Can Combat Headaches

Constantly suffering from a headache can often make life feel miserable. While you attempt to enjoy everyday activities, that background throb will act as a distraction that dulls your experience. If you're looking for new ways to alleviate headaches, you may want to consider seeing a chiropractor.

Your chiropractor will assess your cervical spine

When it comes to headaches, few people who encounter them are suffering from a serious problem. While that's good news, it's often frustrating for those who find themselves repeatedly taking over-the-counter medication. When it appears that there is no sound reason for your headache, your chiropractor will assess your cervical spine. Your cervical spine features the vertebrae that stabilise your head. When something weakens it, it may increase the number of headaches you encounter. With the right manipulation techniques, your chiropractor could realign it and provide some relief. However, if you have a history of c-spine trauma, you must let them know before they conduct an assessment.

Soft tissue therapy can address muscular causes

From anxiety to whiplash, plenty of events can cause the muscles supporting your head to send out pain signals. While the suboccipital muscles create tension-type headaches, your sternocleimodas muscles may send shooting pains through the back or sides of your head. Both groups will suffer when everyday anxieties cause you to tense your shoulders and neck. When you constantly tense your muscles, they don't have an opportunity to relax. With a visual and physical assessment, your chiropractor can determine whether muscular tension is causing your headache. Using soft tissue massages and an exercise plan, they'll relax the problem areas within a few sessions.

They can deliver nutritional advice that combats day-to-day risk factors

Although muscular tensions and poorly aligned c-spines contribute to headaches, there's always a chance that your diet is playing a role. Your chiropractor may ask you to complete a food diary so that they can perform a dietary analysis. If they feel as though you're not consuming enough B vitamins, they'll provide a diet plan. As B Vitamin 12 plays a central role in maintaining your neurological health, a deficiency has the potential to cause regular headaches.

Headaches are common, but that doesn't mean you need to withstand them without help. Using the expertise of your chiropractor, you can receive treatments that work alongside your body's natural defences. With a combination of chiropractic services and lifestyle changes, combating headaches is a realistic possibility.